Why hire a party planner?

Why hire a party planner?

Joe from EJ events writes for us in this week’s blog, we go in depth and answer the question, as to why you should hire someone to organise your party for you.

A party is
always an exciting event. A euphoria where people go to escape the challenges
and stress of daily life. Organising a party may seem daunting, with so many
factors to consider in order to create that dream night. We aim to dispel the
myth that a party planner is only for those with extravagant budgets. At EJ
Events UK we work with budgets as low as £1000 to budgets upwards of £50,000.
There really is no limit to what you choose to spend.  A lot of times using a party planner can save
you money with pre-negotiated rates on venues and suppliers which a member of
the public wouldn’t be able to access.

You’re probably time poor

This is a primary reason why our clients come to us. Time is the most valuable commodity, with life in modern times very fast paced.  From the school run, meetings or social commitments. Research shows time poverty is a real thing, with three quarters of Britons feeling too stressed to have fun. From the strategy meeting, to negotiating prices and managing budgets. Your dedicated EJ Events UK party specialist will take care of all of this for you.

It is cost effective

Yes, that is right! In our initial strategy, we establish your budget for the party, allowing us to scour our network for the perfect venues and suppliers for the best prices. Rates which a private individual wouldn’t be able to get.

Your party is going to be instagrammable

You may be able to get a ‘decent’ look to your party, but if you don’t want to leave any stone unturned and truly create a wonderful occasion, bragging rights maybe? Then an EJ Events UK event is what you need. Our team pride themselves on pushing the boundaries with what is possible. You will leave the party feeling inspired, knowing that every small detail has been taken care of, because ultimately the small things make the big difference.

Let us help you

EJ Events UK are an award winning, reputable events management company. Our dedicated events team will take care of you from the first meeting right until after your event. We are in the business of making your occasion, that extra special.  Have a dream idea for a party but not sure where to start? Get in touch for a no-obligation call.

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