The Diary of a Young Entrepreneur Podcast

The Diary of a Young Entrepreneur Podcast

The Diary of a Young Entrepreneur Podcast will be hosted by our very own Joe Taylor, Co-Founder of EJ Events UK and will be available to stream on Spotify every Monday at 7am.

You can expect a whole host of laughs, cries and unforgettable moments. This podcast will be your fortnightly dose of motivation, inspiration and accountability.

This will cover topics that affect young people, regardless of their backgrounds. From mental health, career, entrepreneurship, money, personal development, relationships and social media pressures. This is a podcast by young people for young people. 

Each podcast will reveal advice from the next generation of entrepreneurs. The first podcast includes two individuals who are dedicated, motivated and very inspiring to anyone looking to start their own business and are struggling on where to start.

Melissa Roberts and Lewis Baxter will join our very own Joe Taylor in the first season, airing mid February.


Social media agency based in Huddersfield, Melissa started first company at 18. Specialises in e-commerce, social media campaigns and advertising for brands. Melissa enjoys coffeeboy, and walking. Founder of Beanie Media.

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Tedx talker, founder of The Blurred Line Group, the UK’s first funding hub for local mental health charities. Lewis has spoken in front of FTSE companies, NGO’s. Taking him across the UK and beyond. Lewis is on a mission to improve the odds for young people.  Lewis does all this whilst studying at university in Durham. 

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If you’re interested in becoming a part of this podcast or know someone who may like to be featured – please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Joe.

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