Meet the owners...

Who are we?

Who are EJ / what do we do?

EJ Events was founded in October 2018. We are a premium events company and event planner based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. We provide a range of bespoke events such as birthdays, special occasions, proms, corporate events and many more. We host themed nights in bars and establishments across Yorkshire, providing a premium exclusive experience. Whether you are a bar owner who wants a higher footfall during quieter times or you want help planning a special occasion, we are here to help, and ‘End to End Elegance’ is all we do.

Elliott Rayne (co-founder, Chief Technical officer)

Elliott, how would you describe yourself in three words?

I would describe myself as relentless, agile and certainly a competitive person. Self-development is essential to me and I am continuously trying to develop my skill sets. I always strive to be the best at what I do and competition motivates me to work harder and be innovative with my ideas.

Could you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Currently 19, ever since a young age I have always expressed an interest in the hospitality industry but have never acted upon it until now. I enjoy fitness; it’s been a passion of mine for many years now. Prior to this I have explored different avenues usually geared to the more technical side of business. Now I have partnered with Joe, our skill sets complement each other and two months down the line EJ Events was born. I also enjoy reading and meditating as it helps with focus and allows me to have a productive day. I am excited for the future, we have big plans to expand our operations in the months and years to come!

What makes EJ Events different?

I would say our business model is similar to a Chameleon. What I mean is that we are very agile, we look to adapt to any given situation seamlessly. I believe this is what make EJ different.

Joe Taylor (Co-founder, Chief commercial director)

Could you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I am also 19 years old, I have experience working in the hospitality industry and have helped run small scale events, and I now believe it is time to control my own direction in life. I also love reading, one of my favorite books is by Napoleon Hill. I embrace my heritage, with Spanish/Latin influences it is a strong part of who I am today. I love to travel, having recently spent two months in Tanzania, Africa I was volunteering and I want to go back and make a sustainable change in the future.

What are your goals and aspirations for the future?

In terms of the business, we have big plans to expand our operations across the North of England. We are aiming to expand our network, provide international evenings and bespoke events across a variety of venues. Also developing our private event network, providing premium birthdays, special occasions, proms, corporate events and parties. End to End Elegance is all we do.

We are dynamic, agile and certainly ambitious entrepreneurs. Of course, starting your own business carries plenty of risks. We have overcome a lot of challenges and obstacles but we have built a network of like-minded, driven and trustworthy individuals. This will detrimental to our success in the future.

We would love to one day be in a position, where we can mentor and motivate other young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and make a career in business. Furthermore, I would love to start a foundation in Iringa, Tanzania and help some of the world’s most vulnerable kids. Karibu Tanzania!

EJ Events.