5 tips that will help you survive Dry January

5 tips that will help you survive Dry January

Dry January was registered trademark by the charity of Alcohol Concern in 2014 and is now a worldwide phenomenon. The charitable month consists of individuals part-taking in an alcoholic ban, which can raise awareness of the dangers of excessive drinking and addiction. 

The US TV programme, The Today Show, broadcasted some of the benefits to stopping drinking through January, take a look here. 

Doing Dry January, however, doesn’t have to be so tough and here at EJ Events UK, we have your back. 

Below we have accumulated 5 Dry January tips, making it that a little bit more bearable. 

Try non-alcoholic cocktails

They taste the same as alcoholic cocktails… minus the alcohol! From a Passion Fruit Martini to a Mojito, there’s such a variety that can be made without the booze. Why not make a party out of it? Friends birthday but all wanting to do dry Jan? We can host your very own non – alcoholic cocktail masterclass, specialised to you…contact our friendly team below. 

Make a plan

If you’re a big drinker, and drink most nights, this challenge will be difficult for you and your body. Making a devised plan may help ease you into the idea of it. Think about hobbies or activities that you enjoy doing that can replace the drinking. Not drinking may lead you to feel isolated, so take a friend who is also going T Total! 

Try your best to resist peer pressure

We’ve all been there – a friend says, ‘just have one…’ Learn to say no, after all, it is only for a 1 month. You can do this!

Take Vitamins

Many of us after a Drinky December, neglected our vitamin B; a vitamin that affects mood, appetite and energy, so taking vitamins is a good way to build it all back up. This may make your January less dull. 

Hide away your booze stash

We all have them. Why not ask friends who aren’t partaking to help themselves to your array of fancy gins, white wines and champagnes? It won’t hurt, surprisingly. If you see it, you will drink it… so get rid. 

As always, if you need any assistance on hosting any non-alcoholic events this January, don’t hesitate to fill our the contact form below.

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