4 reasons why your office needs an away day
4 reasons why your office needs an away day

4 reasons why your office needs an away day

Are your team as productive as they could and should be? You may know the name of your colleagues, but do you know about their hobbies and interests? Whilst it may sound cheesy, they are a great way to help build bonds and relationships with your co-workers. This translates into a better office environment, more productivity within the workplace and having fun whilst you’re at it.

We have compiled together four benefits of working with EJ events UK to deliver your next away day.

Fostering new skills

The skill you learn may be something you have explored in your personal life. The skill doesn’t need to be immediately transferrable, however it will help expand your mind and open you up to experiences which you otherwise may not have experienced.  Learning and discovering things, you never knew were possible, is what allows us to grow as people, on a professional and personal level.

To show peole enjoying cooking
Enjoy cooking classes

We build morale and help lift your spirits

We have all been through it, it is no secret that working at the office until 5 PM and catching the same train home, 5 days a week, can be very monotonous. Hosting a corporate away day gives your team something to look forward to, a stressful project or deadline may have caused tension in the office, let our team of professionals help you, and your team to feel liberated and valued. We help turn things from a negative to a positive.

Take your team building offsite

We help you plan, produce and deliver your corporate away day. It is essential that time is taken away from your office, if you really are serious improving the work/life balance for you and your team.  Allowing your staff to switch off fully from the workplace will allow them to fully immerse themselves in the event.

Ensuring the away day has a clear purpose

Whether you’re celebrating the closure of a deal or the completion of a project. Your team need to have felt as if they have worked towards this. It is important to ensure you have a clear purpose for what you want to achieve. Is it to promote a new company culture, improve team morale and output? Having this clear, will ensure you and your team will get the best out of the event.

So, what’s next?

So, you have decided you want to treat your team, where do you start? EJ events UK specialise in planning, producing and delivering corporate away days. The EJ events UK team will ensure your every need is met. With our range of suppliers and trusted venues no event is too big, small or wild. Please note that when you book your corporate away day with EJ events UK, we take the hassle out of finding your perfect venue completley FREE.

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